5 Reasons to use walking poles

Here are some reasons why it is useful to use a walking pole when out on your country walk…

It enables you to walk faster– using a pole makes walking a lot quicker, it can make you a lot more steady footed, therefore you are more effectively able to maintain your speed.

Walk for longer– when you use poles they can help you distribute the weight between your upper and lower body muscles, this will allow you to walk for prolonged periods.

Protect you- a pole can be used to swipe away nettles and brambles. They can also be used to test the depths of puddles!

Walk upright- another benefit to using a pole is that it will help keep your posture, especially when wearing a backpack. This can also help you to breathe easier which will affect the longevity of your walk.

Give you more power- having a pole can also give you more power as it gives you something to push of and to stabilize yourself with.