5 reasons why you should invest in a static caravan

  • It is a cost effective holiday home – you can keep the price of vacationing low by returning to your favourite UK location for a break from everyday life
  • Storage space – keep your gardening equipment or household clutter in a self-contained storage space
  • Temporary accommodation – static caravans make short-term housing if you’re making adaptations to your bricks and mortar home or building a new property from scratch
  • Guest quarters – if you’re struggling to house family and friends when they come to visit, buying a static home and siting it nearby provides ample guest accommodation
  • Can be an Income boost – you can increase your spare cash by renting out your static caravan when you’re not using it

    If you choose to purchase a static caravan, then be sure to get insurance, to speak to Coast about specialist static caravan insurance call 0800 614 849 or buy static caravan insurance online at www.coastinsurance.co.uk.