6 top tips to give your kids a great cabin holiday this summer

Be organised

As the saying goes, ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’. Your trip is likely to be much more successful and stress free if you are well prepared. Lists are a great way to do this, packing lists, day out lists and menu lists can all be used to keep you on track. Research of the local area prior to your holiday is also worth investing time into, that way you will always have something up your sleeve to keep children amused!

Research the cabin before booking your holiday

Like with anything you don’t truly know what you are getting until you arrive, do as much research as possible on the facilities that are on offer at the cabin before booking. You may want an authentic adventure, but with children creature comforts such as hot showers and electricity may also come in handy.

Encourage your children to make the most of the ‘natural’ playground

Cabins are often located in their own play zone, providing children with a space to have hours of fun exploring the wildlife away from busy roads and other urban dangers. Set boundaries to ensure that children are safe and don’t wander off too far and then allow yourself some time to chill out.

Make sure that you plan something for everyone

Different aged children have different needs, think about the needs of your family before making your booking. Toddler safety, internet access for teenager’s sanity and a pub for Mum and Dad may be some of the top of your priorities when thinking about this. Often the sites website will provide you will all the information needed to ensure that you have everything you need within the facility.

Take food with you!

Food and drink can be one of the costliest parts of a holiday when children are involved. Plan ahead and take food to suit everyone’s individual likes and dislikes that way everyone will be kept happy and you won’t be paying over the odds!

Take indoor and outdoor activities

With the great British weather you never know what to expect, take a variety of indoor activities such as the classic Monopoly or other board games, colouring books and craft sets, as well as outdoor activities such as a football, bike or Frisbee with you so that you have all weather situations covered.