A guide to using electricity safely onsite

If used incorrectly electricity can be very dangerous, especially in the damp environment of a campsite. Here are some top tips to help you use electricity safely when onsite…

Consider how much power you are using- at home there are plenty of sockets so it is rare to overload them, on a campsite however the supply of power will more than likely be limited. Using electrical goods which are designed for campers will allow you to rest assured that your equipment is low powered. If this is not possible, be sure to check before plugging too much in.  

Get the right kit- ensure that you are using purpose built lead which is specifically designed for your type of unit. The correct lead will be weatherproof and correctly fitted to your unit to avoid any accidents.

When plugging your caravan or motorhome into an electrical port it is safer to plug the lead into your unit first, then into the power. This way you will not be carrying a live lead around.

Keep equipment as dry as possible- it is important to keep your electrical equipment as dry as possible to reduce the risk of injury. Make sure that everything is kept off the ground and away from the sides of tents or areas where condensation could form.

Ensure you have a residual current device- between your appliances and the site hook-up point there should be a safety device wired into the circuit. A residual current device is designed to cut off the supply of electricity if there is a leakage to the current earth.

Stay vigilant- make sure that you and your friends and family all understand the dangers that can occur due to electrical accidents. Double check that you are being as safe as possible whenever using electricity onsite.