A new year- a new you

Piled on the pounds over Christmas? Trying to lose weight for 2017? Join the club.

You may be surprised to know that going away in your caravan can be a great way to lose weight, and it won’t even seem like a lot of effort. Here are some of the ways you can lose weight whilst away in your van…

Get more active– being away in your caravan can open up a whole host of opportunities for you to get active. Not only does caravanning often mean lots of country or costal walks. Sites also often have leisure facilities and fun activities such as swimming, golf and court games you can partake in. You’ll be having so much fun you won’t even realise you’re burning calories. 

Spend more time cooking– one cause of weight gain lies in the convenience and availability of fast food. In the fast paced nature of day to day working life this seems like an easy option. While away in your caravan however, you will not only usually have the chance to purchase fresh food from local farm shops, you will also have more time to spend cooking nutritional dishes.

BBQ’ing meat– Cooking meat on a BBQ can be a great way to get rid of excess fat so will save you valuable calories.

A reasonable level of exercise together with a healthy diet will help you to lose weight at a pace that maintains your health. What better place to begin your weight loss than on a caravanning holiday.

Good luck!