A tribute to Erwin Hymer

Coast was saddened to hear that Erwin Hymer, founder of Hymer motorhomes, has passed away at the age of 82.

An official statement released by the firm described him as ‘an inventive and pioneering spirit’ and that he ‘loved life and people’, remarking that the values and long-term thought processes he applied to establishing Hymer motorhomes are the same principles being used by the company today.

Erwin Hymer designed his first prototype caravan in 1957 and went on to establish his business the following year when he launched the flagship Eriba-Troll range. Hymer produced his first range of motorhomes, the Caravano, in 1961.

As a testament to his vision for the leisure industry, the Erwin Hymer Museum was opened in Bad Waldsee, Germany, two years ago.

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