Advice for using your motorhome in the winter

Here are 7 top tips to follow when you use your motorhome in the winter…

  1. Be sure to leave your internal locker doors open overnight, the heat will then be able to get in and keep the contents dry.
  2. Try to park your motorhome on a slight slope so that the water doesn’t sit and freeze inside the internal waste pipework.
  3. When parked for long periods of time leave the vehicle in gear, chock the wheels and if possible leave the handbrake off, this will prevent the rear drums freezing.
  4. Carry snow chains and a folding shovel with you in case of bad weather.
  5. When on hook up ensure to lift the cable every day to prevent it getting submerged in the snow or freezing to the ground.
  6. If it is really cold you could consider using interior silver screens inside cab windows to keep the heat in.
  7. Be careful when driving on icy roads and in bad weather.