Airport duty increase aids the caravan cause!

The cost of flying abroad for your summer holiday is on the increase due to a rising flight tax, which could lead to the popularity of caravanning soaring even higher.

Air Passenger Duty (APD) is a departure tax paid at airports and the minimum rate was raised earlier this year. As a result, the charge for flights over 2,000 miles have increased by £2 for economy passengers and an even greater amount for people choosing to fly by premium or business class.

With the cost of travelling abroad getting more and more expensive, many British families are choosing to vacation on a smaller budget and take their caravan or motorhome for a UK break.

There are many benefits to ‘staycationing’ – from minimising your carbon footprint to supporting the local economy, and you can read about our top ten reasons to holiday in the UK.

Those of you opting for a leisure vehicle break must check your touring caravan insurance or motorhome insurance is valid before setting off. For a free of charge quotation call 0800 614 849 or click here to buy caravan insurance online.