AL-KO Ranger, a new maneuvering system for single-axle touring caravans

AL-KO Kober Limited – the leading manufacturer of premium components for the automotive, commercial and leisure industries – has launched the AL-KO Ranger, a new maneuvering system for single-axle touring caravans up to 1,800kg.

Designed as a lower-cost, entry-level alternative to the company’s premium Mammut mover, the AL-KO Ranger features manual engagement onto the wheels when required and can be quickly disengaged once the caravan is in position. The motor units, situated in front of the axle to prevent damage from road debris, provide effortless and accurate maneuvering control in even the narrowest of spaces, as well as on steep terrains up to 18% and for getting over obstacles up to two centimeters in height. The unit’s soft start and soft stop technology also provides enhanced, controlled and precise bump-free maneuvering.

Commenting for AL-KO Kober, a spokesman says: “The new AL-KO Ranger motor-mover is an attractively-priced alternative for those people who want the combination of the trusted AL-KO brand name with a cost-effective price point, coupled with the benefit of easier maneuvering of their caravan. Thanks to its easy-to-operate remote control, the mover provides millimeter-precise accuracy and completely effortless maneuverability. With the ability to complete a 360-degree rotation of single-axle touring caravans on the spot, the AL-KO Ranger puts the caravan in the right place, whether at home or on site.”

The AL-KO Ranger’s mechanics – including its aluminum rollers and motor units – are protected within a plastic housing mounted via a clamp mechanism to the underside of the caravan’s chassis. The electronics can be installed inside one of the caravan’s storage spaces; and an LED display on the controller and push-button remote control alerts users to various working limits of the motor mover.

Like AL-KO Mammut, the new Ranger is provided with a five-year warranty according to AL-KO Warranty Terms.

The AL-KO Ranger mover can be retrofitted to most caravans, including non AL-KO chassis caravans, and can be purchased from most caravan dealers, mobile fitting companies and caravan accessory outlets.