Alfie Deyes Sells Caravan for Charity

Alfie Deyes has built a camper conversion with his friends (and some professional help) out of a ford transit van and is selling it on Ebay for charity: It’s currently going for £60,000+!

To comply with the DVLA’s requirements the conversion must include the following… (so lets hope it does)

1.A door that provides access to the living accommodation;

2.A bed, which has a minimum length of 1800mm or 6 feet. This can be converted from seats used for other purposes during the day but must be permanently fixed within the body of the vehicle;

3.A water storage tank or container on, or in, the vehicle;

4.A seating and dining area, permanently attached to the vehicle. The table may be detachable but must have some permanent means of attachment to the vehicle. A loose table will not be acceptable;

5.A permanently fixed means of storage, e.g. a cupboard, locker or wardrobe;

6.A permanently fixed cooking facility within the vehicle, powered by gas or electricity; and

7.At least one window on the side of the accommodation.

Who ever the highest bidder is will also need to make sure they get insurance, that’s where we can help. Here at Coast we have two specialist insurance policies for campervan,s underwritten by leading providers Zurich Insurance plc and ERS to protect you in the event of accidents, damage, loss and theft.

Some of the wonderful benefits of our motorhome insurance policies include:

• Theft, fire and malicious damage cover

• Accidental damage and impact protection

• Windscreen damage cover

• Protection for your personal effects and audio visual equipment

• Foreign use cover

• Impact protection

• Awning and trailer cover as standard

Alfie’s van will also require a camper conversion on the V5 certificate.