American firm develops sustainable campervan

The Coast team is always interested in discovering long-term projects that could benefit the leisure vehicle industry and this week our attention was captured by an American firm’s attempt to create a sustainable campervan.

ROBRADY Design, the company behind the concept, has developed a prototype model of the recreational vehicle, which is slimmer than a traditional American RV to give it a more economical fuel consumption.

In order to generate energy, ROBRADY has added solar panels to the roof and awning of the camper, plus it has hydrogen fuel cells installed as an alternative resource to fossil fuel.

To allow owners freedom to travel when pitched at a campsite, the campervan features charging points for electric motorcycles and segways, whilst it uses an air condensing system to generate water.

Although this campervan is far from the functional models we see in local dealerships, it marks an important step forward in the growth of environmentally friendly leisure vehicle sector.

While we’re waiting to see a sustainable campervan hit the road, you can get a competitive quotation on your current campervan insurance by calling Coast’s friendly sales team on Freephone 0800 614 849.