An essential tool for motorhome users

Whether you’re a motorhome newcomer or a seasoned campervan owner, the Coast team thoroughly recommends you invest in Go Motorhoming and Campervanning – an invaluable resource for all things motorhome!

Although the book was first published in 2006, the publishers have released an updated version this year filled with the latest practical information on campervanning in Europe.

If you’re just starting out with your first motorhome, the advice sections contain some great tips on topics from water and electrics to toilets and campsite etiquette.

There’s also plenty of interesting reads for experienced motorhome users including a mini guide to six of the most popular European campervan destinations. 

Click here to purchase it online.

Before you set off on any trip within the UK and Europe, don’t forget to check that your motorhome insurance policy is up to date. For a competitive quotation on your renewal, call Coast free of charge on 0800 614 849.