Ash tree crisis to hit holiday park?

Many conservationists have warned about the devastating death of ash trees as a result of a deadly fungus spreading across the UK, and a holiday park in Ambleside is taking steps to try and limit the damage the disease could spread to its site.

Skelwith Fold in Ambleside has not yet been affected by a fungus outbreak, however it has asked residents to help evaluate flora and fauna that could be at risk in the local area.

The site owners are planning to relocate any high risk plant life to another woodland area, in the hope it will maintain the natural equilibrium and protect the animals and insects that rely on these plants and trees for food or shelter. They will also be monitoring the growth of flowers and plants associated with ash trees to determine the effect of this nationwide fungus outbreak.

“The biodiversity supported by ashes is absolutely staggering,” Skelwith’s Director Henry Wild told Caravan Times.  “Birds such as the bullfinch feed on its seeds, and the leaves of the ash are an important food source for many types of moth including rare and endangered species.

“In addition, hole-nesting birds like owls and woodpeckers make the ash their home, and even snails, stag-beetles and other insects rely on the ash as a food source or a habitat.”

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