Bailey goes down under for Australian adventure

Congratulations to Bailey, which has proved the durability of its Unicorn and Pegasus caravans by towing their tourers across an 850-mile trek to Australia!

Bailey’s Oz adventure was the latest extreme test to demonstrate the strength of its Alu-Tech shell, which the manufacturer launched in 2009. After conquering journeys on Alpine hills, Bailey first tested the Australian waters in 2011 when they completed a 3,500-mile journey along public roads.

That wasn’t sufficient for the Bristol-based producer, however, who decided to tackle the demanding conditions of the Australian outback for the next leg of their testing programme. Bailey chose to use two of its latest models – the Unicorn Series II Cartagena and a Pegasus GT65 Verona – alongside two heavy-duty caravans produced down under for comparison.

Adrian Van Geelan, Managing Director of Bailey’s Australia operation, said: “We knew that Bailey Alu-Tech caravans were tough but I don’t think we really appreciated just how tough they were until we undertook this challenge.

“It was a great way to demonstrate just what these UK-made caravans were capable of and the fact that they were able to go toe-to-toe with locally-built products clearly demonstrated that they are genuine all-terrain vehicles.”

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