BBC looks at park home living

The BBC website has featured a picture diary looking at the life of a couple living in a park home as part of a series on housing.

Morris and Myra Jeffers from Deanland Wood Park in East Sussex moved to park home in 1995 after living in a bricks and mortar property during their earlier lives, and the online diary provides a snapshot into the lifestyle they have enjoyed over the past 17 years.

The Jeffers’ chose Deanland Wood Park because they had visited friends at the site for several years and enjoyed its peaceful nature.

Among the benefits park home living has afforded them is a dramatic reduction in their monthly outgoings, along with plenty of opportunities for an active social life: Morris is chairman of the site’s bowling club and carries out a daily paper round.

The couple enjoy Deanland Wood’s active social life, regularly holidaying with other residents, although they do warn that neighbours like to talk. “There’s a lot of gossip goes on,” commented Myra!

Despite some occupants’ penchant for sharing stories, Morris and Myra wouldn’t dream of returning to their old lifestyle. “Friends have seen a change in me, they say I’m so relaxed and contented with life,” Myra concluded. “The air is healthier here and we don’t have to worry about the pennies any more. I wouldn’t want to live in a brick house now. They are so heavy whereas these are light and easy to clean – even if I won the lottery I wouldn’t move.”

You can see pictures of Morris and Myra’s park home by clicking here

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