Be careful with cash on your European holiday

Contact your credit and debit card providers to let them know you’re travelling abroad. Failing to do this could mean that your bank or lender believes your card has been cloned and will freeze the account, which may result in an expensive phone call back to their call centre in order to get it reactivated.

If you’re a little nervous about taking your bank cards abroad, why not consider a pre-paid debit card. This is essentially the banking equivalent of a ‘pay as you go’ phone – you load up the card with a set amount of money, decided by you, and use it like a normal debit card. As well as limiting the amount of money that thieves have access to should your card get stolen, it also helps you stick to that all-important holiday budget.

Another handy way of taking money abroad is through traveller’s cheques, which can be cashed in at a bank or building society whilst you’re away. This stops you having to carry a large amount of cash on you, which could leave you feeling vulnerable.

Finally, even if you’re prepared, sometimes budgeting can go awry if you get caught up in the excitement of holiday spending, so make sure you keep a mental note of your outgoings as the holiday progresses. That way you won’t find yourself with no money in the kitty and 48 hours to survive before your journey home.

Although we can’t help you keep an eye on the cash during you summer holiday, we can offer you peace of mind that your caravan or motorhome will be in safe hands should it suffer an accident or damage. To find out more about touring caravan insurance or motorhome insurance from Coast call Freephone 0800 614 849.