Beer-fuelled bears wreak holiday lodge havoc!

Here’s something you don’t hear every day: a dismayed owner returned to his holiday lodge to find it had been trashed…by a family of bears!

Borthern Nilsen, whose the 26ft cabin in located in Jarfjord, Norway, arrived at his holiday home for the autumn hunting season to find it had been broken into and completely destroyed. Stocks of chocolate spread, marshmallows and honey had been eaten and the greedy grizzlies had even bitten into and consumed 100 cans of beer!

If they were in any doubt as to whether it was human or pawed perpetrators that had committed the crime, the floor of the cabin was littered in bear shaped footprints and animal excrement. The owner even found paw prints on the windows. 

We’re pretty sure you’re not at risk of a bear invasion if you’re holidaying in the UK, but it just goes to show that even the most careful leisure lodge owners can fall victim to a disaster.

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