Birds of a feather…

You might expect to spot blackbirds, sparrows or pigeons when you’re staying at a leisure park, but holidaymakers at one Shropshire site got a surprise when they received an impromptu visit from something altogether more exotic!

Staff at Ludlow Touring Park spotted a rhea, a South African flightless bird capable of running at speeds of up to 37mph, making itself at home recently. It transpired the bird was named Ronald and had escaped from a nearby farm where it lives with his female partner, Rita.

Park owner Edward Goddard and manager Dave Price tried to capture Ronald unsuccessfully, so they let the rare creature settle in a field overnight until its owner could collect it in a trailer the following day. They were sad to see it leave, however, with many caravanners getting up early to catch a glimpse of the rhea before it returned to its home.

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