Burst pipes and frost damage

The recent cold weather has affected most of us in one way or another. For some static caravan owners across the UK the cold snap has resulted in frost damage and burst pipes.

Frost damage and burst pipes can be avoided by ensuring your static home is fully drained down for the winter months when the site is closed. A lot of sites will offer a drain down service or be able to provide you with advice and assistance. If you are not confident about how to drain your van down, make sure you seek professional advice.

The following outlines some of the key points you would need to cover to drain down your static caravan:

  • Check your manufacturers guide, this will usually contain information and guidance about draining all water from the van.
  • If you have a central heating system, then it is best to get a qualified engineer to drain the system.
  • Make sure the stopcock is off to stop the mains water supply.
  • If there are any drainage plugs under the static van make sure they are open.
  • All taps and showers need to be turned on and left on.
  • Flush the toilet and make sure all water has drained out of the cistern.
  • Check for any external exposed pipes and make sure they are lagged.

You will also need to check your static caravan insurance policy to see how your cover may vary in the winter months and if there is any requirement to drain down your caravan. These requirements vary and not all insurance policies are the same.

So, although warmer temperatures are on the horizon, remember the recent cold weather and make sure your static home is protected next winter.