Caravan crime

It is encouraging to see that over the last ten years the number of caravans that have been stolen has seen a steady decline. This is thanks to improved security due to stricter demands from insurance companies and greater customer knowledge. That being said, it is disappointing that statistics reveal that of the caravans that have been stolen many have never been recovered.

The internet is increasingly being used as a tool for preventing caravan crime, where social media sites for example, are be used as communication platforms. Many organisations are teaming up with local police forces and using sites such as Twitter and Facebook as a means for alerting the public about recent events and issues of concern. Some organisations even enable victims of theft to upload images of their touring caravans, in the hopes that they may be identified and returned back to their rightful owners.

Caravan Park Watch Schemes are another example of how communities are pulling together to crack down on crime. It has recently been announced that an innovative Information Sharing Agreement between police and members of the static caravan holiday industry, on the Lincolnshire Coast, is set to be a very effective scheme in the fight against crime. Community Inspector Andy Morrice explained how the new ISA will mean that the police will be able to share information about individuals that they suspect are involved in caravan crime. This includes providing caravan park security staff with photos of potential suspects. (

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