Caravan Holiday Home Winter Tips

If you have your caravan holiday home drained down and you are thinking about when you can return a few tips from Coast Insurance a UK-based, family-run insurance broker providing specialist caravan insurance, motorhome insurance, campervan insurance, park home insurance and holiday lodge insurance.

Arriving at your Holiday Home:

If your park reconnects your holiday home pipework, they may not actually turn the water back on in case of freezing conditions in the few days prior to arrival. Therefore, on arrival you will need to locate the stop tap(s) and turn back on. The stop tap will be close to where the water pipe comes out of the ground, usually on the opposite side of the caravan from the doors. Some caravans may have a second tap underneath, usually close to the entrance doors.

Recommended on departure particularly in the early and late part of the season to protect your holiday home from frost damage, that you switch off the water supply to the caravan at the stop tap. Once the water supply is off to the caravan, turn all internal taps to the open position to release any pressure in the pipes. Also, flush toilets to empty the cistern and turn shower taps to open. Leave taps and shower mixers open whilst the water supply remains off and the caravan is unoccupied.

On your next visit close all taps/shower mixers before slowly opening the external stop tap to restore your water supply. If the caravan has gas central heating, we recommend leaving the boiler on frost stat or turn the room thermostat to its lowest setting or if you do not have a room thermostat turn the radiator thermostats to position 1.