Caravan journalist brings The Story of Sprite to life

Caravanning has a rich heritage in the UK- many of the best leisure vehicles have been manufactured in Britain, while our holiday parks are outstanding quality.

Journalist Andrew Jenkinson has brought one of the most iconic names in our country’s caravan history, Sprite, through the launch of a new book detailing the brand’s history.

With the help of Sprite’s founder Sam Alper, Jenkinson has collected marketing materials, photographs and user manuals from the past half-century – stretching back to the birth of Sprite caravans in 1949.

These unique images are interwoven with story of Sprite, a company which played a vital role in promoting caravanning as a lifestyle choice and helped to develop the mass production of leisure vehicles.

From their humble roots to their presence in Carry On films, right up to their present day popularity thanks to continued production by Swift Group, The Story of Sprite Caravans is a fascinating read for any fan of outdoor living.

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