Caravan park to play climate change role

The North Ledaig Caravan Park in Argyll, Scotland, is becoming involved in a new scientific experiment to investigate the environmental impact of new climate change technology.

Experts from the Scottish Association of Marine Science will descend on the Argyll area over the next few weeks to look at the effects of carbon capture and storage (CCS) on the environment. CCS is a process in which rocks and sediment are pumped with carbon dioxide, which is believed by many scientists to slow the global warming process.

However, there is a concern that a carbon dioxide leak will result in environmental damage to the sea and seabed. The scientists will therefore simulate a leak using gas containers based at the caravan park to investigate the actual impact of CCS.

Over the next 30 days 80-800kg of CO2 will be pumped into coastal sediment at nearby Arsmucknish Bay, with flora and fauna in the vicinity examined for 90 days to see if any adverse effects occur.

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