Caravan park to relocate due to coastal erosion

The recent bad weather has affected several of our customers and it seems they’re not the only ones to suffer, as a caravan site in Hull is making plans to move due to extreme coastal erosion.

Sandy Beaches Caravan Park in Kilnsea, Yorkshire, has made a planning application to local authorities to relocate in a more sheltered location after coming under increased threat of landslides.

The East Riding of Yorkshire area has some of the world’s fastest eroding coastlines and Sandy Beaches’ picturesque seaside spot is coming under threat as a result. Owners believe that erosion could damage the site within the next 100 years and want to pre-empt this threat by relocating its facilities further away from the Coast.

This is just one example of why it’s important to think carefully about where your static caravan or holiday lodge is sited. Overlooking the sea or a river can provide wonderfully relaxing views, however it also increases the chance of your static home being affected by erosion or flooding.

No matter where your static home is located, it’s important to protect it in the event of weather damage and other unforeseeable risks with a static caravan insurance or holiday lodge insurance policy.

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