Caravanning most popular among teachers

A new survey has revealed that teachers are the most likely professionals to own a caravan, beating engineers and company directors to the title.

Other industry workers that enjoy the outdoor lifestyle include police officers and civil servants. Here are the top ten caravan owning professions in full:

1. Teachers
2. Engineers
3. Company Directors
4. Police Officers
5. Civil Servants
6. Nurses
7. Builders
8. Factory Workers
9. Sales Assistants
10. Mechanics

The study also revealed that taking your caravan away in the UK is gaining in popularity, with a five percent increase on ‘staycations’ in comparison to 2011.

“There are many stereotypes associated with caravan owners but our figures reveal that there is a real cross section of people who have fallen for the charms of caravan ownership,” said Chris McDonald of The Trading Floor, the firm that commissioned the survey. “Every summer approximately two million caravans take to the roads and although the majority of people who own a caravan are retired, our study of caravan owners that are still in employment has shown that a surprising range of people.”

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