Classic caravan capers

We’re always on the lookout for quirky news stories and this week’s caravanning treat came from the Coast offices!

Ben from our IT department was helping his father clear out some old magazines when he stumbled across some ‘classic’ caravan adverts from the 1961 in the Daily Mail’s Motorshow Review.MoTent Among the wondrous products being pedalled are a Motent – a rudimentary trailer tent that could be hired for the princely sum of £4.17 per week! – and the Trotent, which features a handy awning for inclement weather and can be erected without pegs or ropes.


We also enjoyed reading about some of the driving products on offer at the time: we can’t imagine why Carshoes, a comfortable driving shoe with roller heels for better leverage when using the pedals, failed to take off!


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