Coast explain: CRiS

CRiS is the Central Registration and Identification Scheme, owned by the NCC which operates in a similar way to the DVLA.

CRiS is a UK nationwide register of touring caravans, set up in 1992. The scheme helps to prevent and detect touring caravan crime and acts as a security check for dealers and private caravan buyers, through the issue of a Keeper Registration Document. It is especially important when buying a second hand caravan that you know the seller is the registered keeper.

All registered caravans (and all new tourers built by NCC member manufacturers) carry a unique seventeen digit registration VIN number, which you will find stamped into the chassis and etched on to the windows. An electronic tag is also hidden within the caravan which when read will give the same unique number. The police and enforcement agencies are the only ones to have special machines to read these electronic tags.

It is a good idea to register your tourer with CRiS, for if and when you decide to sell it on many purchasers, both trade and public, will wish to check out the legitimacy of the used caravan. The existence of CRiS has in helped to keep thefts to a low level, which is good news for both you and us at Coast insurance. For a competitive quote on your insurance policy call us on Freephone 0800 614 849 or visit us online.

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