Come in from the cold with Coachman

We’ve had more than our fair share of freezing weather during the past few days, however you certainly won’t feel the cold if you’re a Coachman owner, as the manufacturer proved during recent quality control tests.

Coachman put its Pastiche 520/4 through its paces in a cold chamber test, which examines the caravan’s performance in low climates. The tourer was housed in the chamber at a nippy -15 degrees Celsius and left overnight for ten hours.

The next day, the Pastiche was removed from the chamber and its heater was turned on before all doors and windows were sealed shut. In just an hour and a half, the caravan turned to the ambient temperature of the room – a more respectable 20 degrees Celsius.

The result far exceeded industry standard expectations, as a Grade III van takes approximately four hours to return to similar temperatures, and demonstrates the quality investment Coachman makes in its insulation.

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