Countryfile star speaks of caravanning passion

Julia Bradbury, presenter of the popular BBC television series ‘Countryfile’, is just one high profile personality that enjoys the fresh air and freedom of caravanning in the UK.

“My childhood camping memories are some of my most treasured,” Bradbury told Caravan Times. “There’s nothing better than getting out in the great outdoors and enjoying all that Britain has to offer.”

The TV star isn’t alone in her love of leisure vehicles – actor Ricky Tomlinson recently stayed in a caravan whilst filming a television documentary, making headlines after his tourer was unfortunately stolen.

Other celebrities who enjoy caravanning include Coldplay singer Chris Martin, whose father owned Martin Caravans until 1999, actress Billie Piper and model Nell McAndrew.

It’s not just the rich and famous who are caravan crazy though – a survey released by the Institute of Advanced Motorists revealed that around 20% of adults in Britain are planning a holiday in a tent or touring caravan during the summer months.

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