Couple’s caravan smashes into house

Many of our customers choose to store their touring caravan on a driveway or in front of their house, so spare a thought for this Telford couple whose choice of storage location had devastating consequences.

According to regional newspaper the Shropshire Star, Lynne and Mick Perry had just returned from visiting the Birmingham NEC’s Caravan & Camping Show when a neighbour’s car rolled across the road and hit their touring caravan, which was parked on a driveway outside the front of their property.

The impact propelled the caravan forward, smashing into their porch and embedding the towbar within the brickwork.

caravan crash

“I thought Mick had left the handbrake off the caravan. I opened the window and there was a car behind the caravan,” Lynne Perry told the newspaper.

Luckily, the Perry family had an up-to-date insurance policy and so their insurers could step in to deal with the damage.

Although this is an unusual incident, it demonstrates how many unanticipated risks there are that could lead to your caravan being damaged. You can’t legislate for every single thing that can go wrong, but taking out specialist caravan insurance could mean you are protected financially in the event of an accident.

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