Culinary caravan

We’re always on the lookout for all things caravan-themed, which is why we couldn’t resist checking out a recent review in the Daily Telegraph for a new restaurant in King’s Cross, London called Caravan.

The restaurant’s name comes from its promise of delivering ‘well travelled food’ as it offers everything from a specialist breakfast menu to tapas-style small plates, incorporating ingredients from all over the world.

Among the dishes that caught our eye were the brunch menu’s promise of Coconut bread, lemon curd cream cheese and rhubarb or the baked eggs, tomato pepper ragout, chorizo sausage, greek yoghurt and toast for those with a larger appetite.

It’s all day offering includes snack-sized plates of seabass ceviche, baked brussel sprouts with stilton and hazelnuts and chargrilled lemongrass pork, whilst among the star main dishes are lamb tagine, pearl barley and porcini mushroom risotto and Wagyu rib eye beef. These can be washed down with an extensive wine selection or you can round out dinner with some of its recommended swiss cheeses and coffee.

According to the Telegraph, visitors should make sure that they sample the cornbread as this is Caravan’s crowning glory. “The bread in question is the sort of snack you can imagine in a Bolivian bar: a maizey, slightly granular texture, beautifully fried, infused with chilli and spring onions and vibrantly tasty,” remarked reviewer Zoe Williams.

“It’s truly understood the meaning of the word ‘fusion’, this place,” she adds, “not melding geographically diverse concepts for novelty effect, but cherry-picking wonderful ideas (such as bread in a salad) and using them in unexpected places (otherwise, the broad beans had a modern-British air, with a big splosh of sour cream in the middle and some lovely braised butternut squash).”

Of course, we’ll leave the critiquing to the food experts and stick to what we do best – providing great value caravan insurance – but it certainly sounds yummy to us! Click here to find out more about visiting Caravan.

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