Diagnosing static caravan water damage

With recent rain levels and flooding affecting many areas of Britain, water damage has become a major concern for many static caravan owners. Even if your area hasn’t been badly affected, leaking pipes or damage to skylights and window seals can still allow water to seep in and cause underlying problems.

Particularly if your caravan has been empty over the winter, it is important to be able to spot signs of water damage and to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

Look around windows, doors and air vents for signs of discolouration or water marks on the walls, and check that fixtures such as taps and sinks are in good condition and are not dripping. Pay attention to the ceiling as well, as collected water or snow can damage the roof of your caravan.

Use your nose as well as your eyes – a musty smell can be a sign of a damp or water damage problem.

Check soft furnishings and door frames for signs of vermin damage. Mice and rats can get into your caravan through the tiniest holes, and if they’ve nibbled your furniture then they could’ve taken a bite out of pipes or seals.

If you’re worried about water damage but you can’t see anything inside the caravan that could be causing it, walk around the outside of your static home and check for dents and cracks to the exterior. Often severe storms can cause items such as dustbin lids and garden furniture to be blown into your caravan, and a heavy impact could damage the outside and allow water to leak through to the interior.

Get your boiler serviced annually – keeping it in good condition year to year will reduce the chances of a fault occurring.

Once you’ve made a thorough inspection of the property, we recommend that you have a good old fashioned spring clean before using your static caravan over the summer. In addition to making you feel really at home, keeping your environment and belongings in good condition will ensure they are less prone to water damage.

In case you do suffer water damage, it’s a good idea to have a valid insurance policy in place all year round. Water damage cover is included as standard in Coast’s static caravan insurance – call Freephone 0800 614 849 for a no obligation static caravan insurance quotation.