Do the Harlem Shake!

We suspect there isn’t a single person in the UK who hasn’t heard of Gangnam Style, but are you familiar with the latest dance craze, the Harlem Shake? One Dutch caravanner certainly is!

The Harlem Shake is an internet video dance craze. Set to the track of the same name by American musician Bauuer, the dance begins with one person moving around on the spot – their appearance usually obscured by a mask or helmet – while those surrounding him are oblivious. Then, when the beat kicks in, the video cuts to everyone dancing in a manic fashion, inspired by a 1980s New York dance craze, the Harlem Shake.

From piazzas and restaurants to offices and even swimming pools, the Harlem Shake has taken the internet by storm, and DJ Koen Dijistra has even produced a video of the dance being performed in a caravan!

Thanks to Caravan Times for alerting us to this little gem…

Harlem Shake – caravan version

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