Do you spend enough time outdoors?

There’s no need to convince a caravanner about the benefits of outdoor living – fresh air, beautiful scenery, nature surrounding you – but did you know that over half of parents and grandparents in the UK believe the youth of today don’t spend enough time outside?

According to a survey conducted by the National Caravan Council (NCC), 59% of British parents and grandparents think their youngsters should go outdoors more often. On average, parents persuade their children to play outside for 3-4 hours per week, whilst grandparents manage a slightly more successful seven hours.

Despite a reluctance from tomorrow’s generation, a huge 81% of those surveyed believe understanding nature and the outdoors is important in a child’s upbringing, and just under two thirds would like to take their children or grandchildren on a caravan holiday to help them spend more time in the countryside.

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