Doubleback launches campervan exclusively to UK audience

If you’re looking for a leisure vehicle that is also extremely practical on a daily basis, your quest may be over thanks to UK manufacturer Doubleback.

Doubleback has just announced the launch of a custom camper that serves as both a motorhome and a van. Developed from a VW Transporter T5, the unique vehicle can expand or contract depending on your usage needs.

Its flexible size is thanks to an electric rear pod, which can slide out to add up to two metres of room. The roof of the camper can also extend, so that you can stand up in the kitchen/living area.

Described by Doubleback as a ‘modern take on the classic campers of the 60s’, the motorhome is also well suited to day travel as it is easier to manoeuvre than a larger RV. It could also prove more cost efficient as it is powered by a 2.0 TDI VW engine, capable of around 36.7 miles to the gallon depending on the weight of its load.

The Doubleback custom camper is available exclusively in the UK, with prices starting at £55,000.

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