Elddis revolutionises manufacturing techniques

The caravan industry has been buzzing recently with the launch of Elddis’ ground-breaking technique for manufacturing leisure vehicles.

Known as ‘solid bond’, the method was developed by Elddis’ managing director Rob Quine and a team of experts who believe that traditional techniques for constructing touring caravans have progressed as far as possible.

Rob and his group collaborated on the project with adhesive experts, developing a strong glue and a way of inserting joints to increase the adhesive area available. The technique decreases the number of screwholes in the bodywork, which in turn reduces both the weight of the shell and the number of weak points it possesses.

Elddis is using solid bond technique to produce its entire 2013 range and is so confident about its abilities that it the firm is offering a 10 year warranty against water ingress free of charge.

Whether you own an Elddis caravan or a tourer by another leading manufacturer, even the strongest leisure vehicle can fall victim to an accident or damage. When this happens, having comprehensive caravan insurance can give you peace of mind and save you a major financial outlay.

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