Electrical expert issues DIY warning

An expert from the body that represents professional electricians has warned caravan and motorhome owners to seek professional help if they experience and electrical fault, rather than attempting to fix the problem themselves.

John Sickels, who is the registrar of electrical licensing for the Electrical Workers Registration Board, advised that DIY electrical work could end up costing leisure vehicle owners hundreds of pounds in further repairs, in addition to being potentially dangerous.

“Provided things are operating, you probably thinking it’s safe but a lot of the time it may not be safe and that’s where the problems come in. That’s the danger of it,” Sickels said in an article on the Taranaki Daily News Online.

If you are employing a professional electrician to look at your caravan or motorhome, remember to check their credentials before letting them carry out any work. Speaking to fellow caravan owners in your local area or consulting local dealerships are a good first port of call if you’re unsure who to contact about an electrical problem.

Even with professional repairs, unfortunately sometimes things go wrong – that’s why it’s important to have an up-to-date caravan insurance or motorhome insurance policy.

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