Facebook fighters recover stolen campervan

Social media is a very powerful tool – it helps you stay in touch with friends and allows companies to communicate important updates and brand messages – but a family in Shepperton recently saw just how useful it can be when their campervan was stolen.

Caragh and Jane Murphy were left devastated when their classic Volkswagen campervan was stolen from their driveway. As its lilac paintwork was quite distinctive, the couple made an appeal on Facebook for people in the neighbourhood to keep an eye out for ‘Bertha’ the campervan.

Just six days later, council worker Jamie White spotted a lilac campervan in nearby Datchet, blocked the driveway and contacted the police. Although the number plates had been changed, authorities confirmed it was indeed Bertha and the camper will be reunited with the Murphy family once forensic tests have been carried out.

“Not everybody would take the time to do that, especially as he had to investigate whether it was the right van before blocking it in and calling the police,” Jane Murphy told the Get Surrey website. “After I get the van back I want to drive over to see him. I would love to meet him, it would be really great. I’m just so happy.

“We were devastated to lose her. We had it for 20 years, it’s part of my misspent youth and my daughter had her first ride home in the van when she was born.

“We are all so pleased that the good guys won for a change and we are going to make sure it happens more often.”

“How many lilac-coloured camper vans are there? It was just a case of doing something anybody would do if they had found it,” added hero of the hour Jamie White.

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