Fire safety advice from Coast

Thankfully, of all the claims that caravan insurers like Coast deal with, fire damage is one of the less common. However, the consequences of fire can be devastating, so it is still very important to make sure your caravan, motorhome or park home is safeguarded.

To help protect you, your family and your belongings, Coast has put together some advice on minimising the risk of fire.

1. Make sure you install a smoke alarm and test it regularly
2. When lighting a fuel stove, don’t use petrol, paraffin or diesel
3. Never leave any cooking items unattended. If you own a touring caravan, don’t try and cook while you’re in transit.
4. Don’t strain your electrical resources by using multi-adaptors
5. Make sure you have an annual electrical supply test to make sure your wiring and appliances are in good working order
6. Store gas containers, petrol and diesel away from your park home or touring caravan where possible
7. LPG gas bottles should be kept on level ground outside your leisure vehicle or home, stored away from heat sources
8. Leave plenty of space between you and your neighbours – there should be at least six metres between caravans or park homes
9. When arriving at a camp site, make sure you know where the nearest telephone is located and the arrangements in the event of a fire
10. If there is a fire in your caravan or park home, evacuate immediately and call the fire brigade. If you don’t know the exact address of your site, let them know the village/town and any nearby landmarks

Taking out dedicated touring caravan insurance, motorhome insurance or park home insurance policy can protect you financially in the event of fire damage*. To find out about Coast’s insurance policies, contact our sales team on Freephone 0800 614 849 or get an instant online quotation.

*If you own a touring caravan or motorhome, the Coast team would recommend that your insurance documentation is kept in your house rather than your leisure vehicle.