First look at the ‘Colim’ concept caravan

Have you ever wished that you had the ease of driving a motorhome with the freedom of being able to unhitch your touring caravan? Designer Christian Susana might have the ideal solution: Colim (Colours of Life in Motion), the concept caravan-car!

This quirky vehicle combines the best features of a caravan and a car, which can be detached to allow the car front to be driven around separately.

Designed for between two and four people, the Colim has a striking design inside and out including a chrome and gold interior. The cockpit has a unique appearance with large side windows and a sloping roof, while the wheels have solid white discs in place of spokes.

“The Colim…is an intelligent mobility concept which stretches primarily the bridge between caravan, camper, lifestyle and business. Dubbed a ‘lifestyle motorhome, the cockpit can be disconnected from the usable living space. The livable area is flexible, with individually applicable multi function modules. This flexibility is not only limited to the living area, but also features in the cockpit.”

This concept caravan-car is still in its initial design phase at present. However, if you’re the owner of a more traditional leisure vehicle, Coast can offer you a competitive quote on your caravan insurance or motorhome insurance. Call our sales team on Freephone 0800 614 849 – or you can click here for an instant touring caravan insurance quotation.