Free overnight camping for motorhome users

It might be common to find free overnight camping areas in continental Europe, but temporary stopover sites are still extremely unusual in the UK. A new scheme called Brit Stops is set to change this, however, by securing permission for motorhome users to pitch up overnight without charge at 160 locations across the country.

The majority of the sites involved in the pilot scheme are not commercial campsites – many of them are local businesses. This means, in addition to staying overnight free of charge, you can pick up some fantastic regional produce or handmade souvenirs to remember your travels.

Membership to the Brit Stops scheme costs £25 per year, which will give you access to its database of motorhome stopover sites. On the whole, advance booking isn’t available – so make sure you turn up in good time to secure you space – and participants are limited to 24 hours’ stay at each site.

Click here to find out more about the programme.

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