Freshly grown success for park home site

In these austere times many of us have had to find innovative new ways to support our income – none more so than the residents of Homelands Park in Surrey, who’ve reduced their monthly grocery bills by growing their own vegetables!

The 16-acre park features several allotments, which residents have used to cultivate crops including cauliflowers, courgettes and carrots. In fact, the demand for plots has become so great that the site’s owners, siblings Shirley, Julie and Brian Home, have created further garden space for static home owners to tend the land.

In addition to a slice of self sufficiency, residents of Homelands Park can enjoy a menagerie of wild animals, birds and insects on-site including red deer and the rare white admiral butterfly.

Of course, you don’t have to find a park home site with allotments included – many villages and towns have designated allotment areas where you can purchase or rent a plot. If you can find one of these a short walk from your park home then it’s a great way to enjoy fresh, organically produced food at a fraction of the supermarket cost.

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