Glamping in the UK

With so many unique holidays on the market in the UK, why take a trip abroad this summer?

We are lucky enough to live in the home of the most amazing outdoor experiences, including luxury camping, glamping and a range of other unusual places to stay across the UK. After looking at what is on offer we have found bathtubs in the treesgrass-roofed boats in fieldsyurts on the beach and buses in gardens. We’ve found places to go wild, to be alone, to hike, to bike, to learn a craft or to simply indulge yourself…

Here is a selection of our favourites!

The Chapel- In Tabernacle, Shropshire, UK


To reach the chapel, you must first take a 500 yard forest ramble! Arrive by night and you’ll experience surround-sound of rustling oaks and chestnuts, scurrying wildlife and hooting owls. Pack a good torch and sturdy shoes.

The Chapel is one of six incredible places hidden in the sprawling grounds of Walcot Hall, home to the Parish family since 1957. The Chapel’s life was saved from destruction and lovingly re-assembled by the finest woodworkers in the West.

Kids and pets are both welcome at the chapel.

You can hire a tabernacle for 4 from £100 €110per night.

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Faithful – Boat in Devon, United Kingdom


A boat – and what a boat! Moored in old school Brixham, with views of the harbour and pastel hued cottages. Let the waves lull you…

The salty sea breeze will blow away your cobwebs the moment you arrive on board Faithful. You’ll receive a warm welcome. Inside is relaxed and suitably littoral, with stripes, bunting, blues and pastels aplenty. The Brixham Marina is a tranquil anchorage, but there’s plenty to watch as you breakfast on deck. The sunlight glittering on the water, passing boats and boaters, seabirds and other wildlife and distant views across Torbay.

You can hire the Boat for 2 from £100 €110per night.

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The Loveland Pod- Geodome, Devon, UK


The geodome can sleep 6 in total, but is perfect for anything from romantic couples to relaxing families

Loveland Farm is a fabulous place to get back to nature, and go camping in the most stylish fashion possible. You can meet not only the abundance of indigenous flora and fauna but also owners Karina and Jeff’s own menagerie of pigs, chickens, ducks and water buffalo!

Kids over the age of 8 are welcome, but pets cannot be accommodated.

The Geodome can be rented for 2 from £155 €169per night

For more information visit:

The Raft at Chigborough – Cabin in Essex, United


Cast off from the real world at a floating cabin for 4 on a sun-dappled lake – with a private hot tub!

Drift serenely on a raft Huckleberry Finn would be proud of – one with a two-storey wooden cabin aboard. The Raft has a pioneer feel, built using hand-sawn pine and larch from the farm and is tethered to the bottom of a small, tranquil lake, surrounded by reeds, woods and fields. From the jetty, a few minutes’ walk from the car park – though wheelbarrows for kit are provided – you’ll get the hang of a floating ferry platform, which bridges the gap between bank and raft. There’s a rowing boat for splashing around as well, or for popping over from the Raft to the wood-fired hot tub by the bank, for a relaxing soak under the sky!

Children over 8 years old are welcome. We’re sorry, the Raft isn’t suitable for pets.

Cabin for 2 from £195 per night.

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Wherever you head to, here at Coast we hope you have a great time!