Haven’s first solar powered caravan

Haven holidays are always looking for ways to make their business as green as possible. Their most recent innovation is a trial of a solar panelled caravan rolled out in their Rockley Park Holiday Park, Poole.

Daniel Coward, a member of Haven’s sustainability team, explains, “The benefits in terms of electrical production won’t be huge, we are looking at a generation of around £200-£300 worth of electrical power per annum. But this could be enough to offset the consumption of the holiday home, and as accommodation accounts for 40% of the parks consumption, over time this initiative could make a real difference.”

Rockley Park has been chosen as the trial park by the Haven Environmental Team and Willerby, the caravans manufacturer because of the areas micro climate. It is thought to be the best place to capture the solar energy so results can be monitored and measured before deciding on whether to roll out the scheme in other parks.

Haven say “For guests, the experience will be the same, with their usual electrical connections and power being drawn from the usual network. The power generated by the solar unit will feed into the grid, helping the parks overall efficiency, without disrupting the team’s day to day work.”

The company have also been working on their efficiency strategy in a number of other ways including; a highly efficient shower head; which save a quarter of the amount of water used per shower and an instant heat boost button; which cuts emissions by 20%.

For more information about these new projects visit: www.environmentalenergies.co.uk

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