Hiring out your static holiday home

Are you considering hiring out your static caravan? This is an option a lot of static holiday home owners think about at some stage, so the Coast team have come up with some pro’s and con’s to help you decide if renting out your static caravan is right for you…


You could earn some extra money
This is the key reason for renting out your static home. There are numerous costs that come with owing a static caravan and hiring it out can help contribute to those costs. For example, the money could help towards maintenance costs, site fees or even your static caravan insurance.

Your caravan will be in use and not sitting empty
It’s not only a shame for your static caravan not to be used but it’s also a good security measure for your static home to be occupied if you are not using it for long periods throughout the season.


Wear and tear
If your static caravan is being used on a regular basis by tenants throughout the holiday season this will naturally lead to increased wear and tear on your static holiday home, which could lead to some additional maintenance being required.

Additional cleaning
If you have a regular changeover of tenants you may need to consider additional cleaning arrangements to ensure that each new holiday tenant arrives to find a clean van. This not only helps with the maintenance but also repeat renters and tenants recommending your static caravan to their friends and family.

The good news is that if you do decide to hire out your static holiday home Coast can provide the right insurance cover for you. We can offer optional additional cover to insure your static holiday home and its contents against malicious damage caused by tenants, giving you peace of mind when hiring out your static home.

Give the Coast team a call on 0800 614 849 to get an insurance quote or click here to submit an online enquiry.