Holiday park monument causes a stir!

A holiday park in the Lake District has attracted some unusual attention recently, after a guest pointed out the striking resemblance between a sculpture in the grounds and an ancient fertility monument!

Skelwith Folds is a 300-acre site in Ambleside and its grounds are decorated with a group of 10ft tall carved tree trunks, named ‘The Henge’ by park owners.

The site has recently seen a spike in bookings from couples hoping to start a family, following a tweet by one guest at the holiday park pointing out the similarities between its central artwork and several monuments uncovered by architects in Britain believed to have encouraged fertility in ancient times.

Baby fever has caused such a storm across social networking sites that Skelwith Folds has now added a notice to its website pointing out that the sculpture has not been proven to help couples conceive!
“We’re slightly concerned that some people could start taking these internet whispers seriously, and be coming here for the wrong type of outdoor pursuits,” park director Henry Folds told Park Lifestyle magazine. “For that reason, we have now decided to add a disclaimer to our website stating that the henge is for aesthetic enjoyment only, and has no more fertility powers than a fridge.”

The Henge was added to Skelwith Folds’ grounds in 2005 after a severe storm battered the area. It was created by local artist Kate Eveson using fallen oak trees from the surrounding area.  

“People in the past have described Skelwith Fold as the most romantic holiday park in England,” added Henry. “We are very happy to go along with that, however, suggesting that our sculpture is anything other than a purely artistic erection is just the product of a fertile imagination.”

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