How to be a ‘greener’ caravanner

There are many reasons people choose a caravan holiday over hotel breaks in foreign destinations. One of these is that taking your tourer to a scenic spot in the British Isles is much more environmentally friendly than jumping on an aeroplane.

Many of the newer caravans on the market are made from recyclable materials and are aerodynamically developed to reduce petrol consumption when you’re towing, which reduces your carbon footprint. Plus, caravan owners are more likely to keep their towcar for a longer period of time compared to general motorists, who upgrade more frequently to greater gas guzzlers.

It’s not just the vehicles that are becoming greener: many campsites have invested money and materials to create an eco-friendly atmosphere. For instance, lots of holiday parks provide recycling facilities on site.

The Green Caravanning website  is a great resource for anyone planning a holiday with the environment in mind, as it helps you plan a journey with the lowest possible carbon dioxide emissions.

Here are some other great tips for a greener caravan holiday:

1. Keep your speed consistent and to an appropriate minimum when towing, in order to decrease fuel consumption
2. Take bicycles with you to travel around in a carbon zero manner when you have reached your destination
3. Invest in proper cutlery and crockery rather than using disposable paper plates and plastic cups
4. Be sparing with your use of water and never tip dirty water into a river or stream as detergents can harm plants and wildlife
5. Use a gas stove or solid fuel for cooking rather than an open fire
6. Support local businesses by buying regional produce and cooking your meals from scratch

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