How to choose your first motorhome

  1. Check your driving license– you may not legally be allowed to drive a motorhome on a standard license. If you passed your test before January 1997 you can drive a motorhome of up to 7500kg on you B+C1 license. Those who passed after this date must pass their C1 test to drive a vehicle heavier than 3500kg.
  2. Decide where you will store your motorhome- do you really have a safe and secure place to secure your home? Also, check the deeds of the land to ensure that there is nothing preventing you from parking on it.
  3. Sort out your finances- buying a motorhome can be costly, make sure you have done your research so there will be no hidden costs to catch you out.
  4. Write a list of priorities- everyone has their own idea of what a motorhome will be to them. Write a list of what you hope to get out of yours so that you can make sure all the boxes are ticked when researching what’s out there.
  5. Think of the model, layout and size of motorhome you are interested in- the internet is a great resource for you to use when researching what is available on the market and reading reviews.
  6. Go on a motorhome manoeuvring course- driving a large van can be a scary and daunting concept, specialist course are available to help you build up your confidence before committing to buy, click here for more information.
  7. Take a few motorhomes on a test drive- before committing to buy a van you need to ensure that you will be comfortable driving it. Consider the size and feel of the van and make sure that you feel in control and safe.
  8. Rent a van- a motorhome is a big investment so it is important that it really is the one for you. You could rent a van for a while first and see if fulfils all your needs, for more information on renting motorhomes click here.
  9. Buy your motorhome- once you have found a motorhome you truly like you can either go to a dealer or private seller to make the exciting purchase.
  10. Get insurance cover- for great value motorhome insurance cover contact the team at coast on 0800 614 849 or visit us online at
  11. Enjoy your motorhome!