How to clean your awning

As spring approaches, many of our customers are cleaning out their caravan or motorhome ready for the start of the touring season.

One of the trickier accessories to prepare is your awning, which is why the Coast team has put together some top tips for getting it in fine shape for your first break of the year…

  • Always use a gentles brush or sponge as coarse materials can damage the material
  • Only use an approved chemical cleaner specifically designed for your awning to avoid bleaching or discolouration
  • Choose a dry and bright day to clean it out and stretch it out on a clean surface
  • Start by brushing off any excess mud and dirt before rinsing it with warm water
  • When working your way round the material, check eyelets and straps for signs of damage
  • Clean your pegs with warm, soapy water
  • You can clean inner tents in the washing machine on a gentle setting. Do up any zips and place the tent inside a pillow case to limit the chances of clasps catching on the machine
  • Wipe the frame down with a damp cloth, checking that there are no broken connectors or springs as you go along
  • If you scrub any particularly stained areas, remember to apply more water proofing to this area to make sure it remains weather resistant

Coast offers additional awning cover for our touring caravan insurance policies and our motorhome insurance includes awning cover as standard. To find out more about insuring your caravan or motorhome with Coast call Freephone 0800 614 849.