How to ensure your park home is properly insured

Insurance is seen by many as a pretty boring topic, but ensuring that you are properly insured could save you a lot of stress and money in the long run.

Taking a little extra time to research insurance is definitely worth it to make sure that you have the best cover at the best price. Here is a guide to help you in your search…

Is it really time to change?

Insurers all want to attract new customers so will often offer great introductory offers to new customers. However, be sure to check that a lower premium doesn’t mean a lesser level of cover if something was to go wrong.

Protecting your valuables

If you have items of great value in your property then it may be worth taking out an additional policy listing them individually. This will make sure that they are properly protected as not all insurers will cover high value personal possessions as standard.

Be cautious of flooding

Some sites are more prone to flood risk than others, your insurer will probably know if you are in an area with a high flood risk. To reduce your premium it may be useful to go to extra lengths to protect your home, specialist flood risk equipment can be purchased to help you do this. Different insurance providers have different attitudes to flood risk however, so it is worth explaining your situation in order to get the best possible cover.

Check if home upgrades are covered

If you have made any improvements to your park home be sure to check that they are properly covered by your insurance policy. If you have increased the value of your home it is likely that you will not get the full value back under many insurance policies.

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